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I have been privileged to be the recipient of several awards. Instead of tooting my own horn, so to speak, and causing the index page to take longer to load, I have decided to create this additional page for those who would like to see the awards I have received and visit the web sites of these sweet folks.  I am humbled at receiving these honors.

Please note that as time goes, some of these folks have changed their web address. I noticed that some of the links were outdated but was unable to find new URLs. I’d be pleased to update them if you find the owners elsewhere.

Thank you so much
to all those who have deemed this site worthy.
I truly appreciate the honor!

This award was given to me by Kathryn at Crochet Concupiscence


This award was given to me by Ghost


This award was given to me by Molly


This award was given to me by Sandy’s Space


I received this award from Hooked on Crochet - April 2005


The GCCA is given to select sites providing free instructional information for arts, crafts, music,
writing, and other creativity related activities. I received this award from Creativity Portal - October 2000


Prettiest Website Award

I received this award from Craft Patterns, April 2000. Links to my free patterns appear on her page.

I received this award from Kim Guzman, April 2000, appearing as her April link of the month


An award received in July, 1999 from Lisa Hamblin, Owner/Designer, Crochet ’N’ More


An award received in July, 1999 from Cybersuzi Web Site Award of Excellence


Here’s my award from Michelle received in May, 1999, Our Lil’ Place in the Country


Here’s an award I received in April, 1999 from Mary Lynn’s Craft and Things (Don & Mary’s Cherokee Hill)


My award from Julie’s Just Plain Fun.


Here’s an award from Links2Go Key Resource.


Thanks to Paula Amnott for giving me my first and very special award! The Shining Light Award is given to "sites that contribute positively to the Internet community." Please visit Paula’s web site



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