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Thanks for being a part of the Crochet Cabana family! If you find any errors on the site, please let me know so that I can correct them. I answer all my e-mails and really enjoy hearing from you all. Please be sure to put crochet or something relevant in the subject line of your message; I do not open e-mails that have no subject line or that just say "hello" or "hi," as these are commonly used to send viruses, and many times they end up in my spam box and I never see them.

Please remember that I am a person just like you, with a life outside of the internet, and understand when I cannot take the time to crochet an item you are having trouble with so I can explain how to do it.

Also, no offense meant, but when I answer your e-mail, please do not add me to your address book and begin to send me all your "forwards". I know these can be cute or inspirational, but with thousands of visitors to the site, this can get overwhelming quite quickly. Thank you!

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Note: I get many requests for this or that pattern. I cannot give out patterns that are copyrighted - don’t ask me. If you are looking for patterns, there are several ways to find them. Do a web search, join a crochet list, put a message on several message boards, check Ebay or half.com, buy online or at a local bookstore or other outlet, or use your local library inter-library loan. Please note that any requests for copyrighted patterns will be ignored.

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