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This is a collection of free patterns designed by myself, Sandie Petit, as well as other designers who have kindly given Crochet Cabana permission to post their designs online for you. Please read the copyright notice before using these, or any other materials on this site. These patterns are for personal or charity use only, but single sale of items made with patterns is allowed unless otherwise stated.

Please remember that patterns and tutorials are never to be sold anywhere. PDF files of tutorials are available for purchase for teachers and should never be copied or reposted.

You can also visit Crochet Cabana’s Etsy site to see more patterns available for purchase!

Most of the patterns on Crochet Cabana are in pdf format. You will need Adobe Reader to view them. You can get it for free by clicking the link below.

If you cannot read pdf files, there is a pdf conversion at the Adobe site. It converts to html. You will not get pics, but you will get all the text in both formats.

Please note that all patterns use American terminology (a conversion chart is here) and are written for right-handed persons.

Crochet Cabana Patterns (Designs by Sandra Petit)

Holiday Items
Miscellaneous Items
Afghans & Lapghans
Preemie/Doll Afghans
Doctor Who


Patterns by Other Designers
(posted with permission)

Elizabeth Ham
Beth allows you to sell the items you make from her patterns, but you may not publish or distribute the patterns. You can also find her patterns online here.

Grannie's Star
Framed Church Window 6" square
Scrappy Steps
Grannie Ripple
Spiral Hat or Wiggle
Star of David Kippah
Jacob's Ladder

Janie Herrin (Bea Wells)
Designer Janie Herrin passed away in March 2010. I have a memorial here that contains a list of her designs.

12" Drop in the Bucket Square

Kim Jiries

Amber Autumn (6")
Bess' Lace (6")
Double Cross Square (6")
V Square
Waffle square

Lucy Lorf

Cancer Ribbon Rectangle

Kaye Rogers

Prayer Cloth

Kate Smith

Sliced bread for play kitchen
V-Stitch Scarf
Cross-Stitch Square
Holiday Poinsettia
Fleur de lis filet chart

Susan Ann Smith
(formerly of Mooncat Creations)

Filet Granny Square (7")
Heart Pin
Microwave Potholder
Potpourri Rose
Suzanne's Wreath Pin
Blue Columbine Granny Square (6 1/2")
Four Generations Granny Square (7")
Granny's Daughter Nine Patch (6")
Cutie Booties
Tower Angel
Janie's Angel
Victorian Wreath Ornament
Christmas Ornament / Pomander
Quick and Easy Scrubber
Ohio Star Granny's Daughter
Three Christmas Ornaments
Roman Stripes Sampler Square (7")


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Crochet Cabana uses American crochet terminology.
For UK/Australia terms & international symbols, click here.

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